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Hey you


First of all, thank you for taking the time to reach out & fill out this form. That being said, everything must be filled out for me to even review your application.

If you have not already checked out my ‘Bookings’ Tab on IG and/or do not use IG I will include below the current subject matters I am looking to Tattoo:

-Above all, World of Warcraft



-Realism (Animals, Eyes, Roses, etc…)




-(Certain) Florals


-Free Reign

Please make sure your submission falls under one of these Categories before filling out this form. Never Say Die has many qualified Artists for certain styles I may not currently be doing so do keep that in mind!

As far as Previous Clients these guidelines still apply.


-None of this is personal & is all about growth for my own validly-selfish reasons as an Artist-


Thank you again & I cannot wait to bring your ideas to life as a team!

(I do not tattoo minors)



Please include any reference material in a seperate email via

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